Robotan (1986) Episodes Multi Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Mal] 576p HQ WEB TV-DL | 10bit HEVC (Sony Yay Dub)

ToonWorld4All Robotan (1986) Episodes Multi Audio [Hindi-Tamil-Telugu-Mal] 576p HQ WEB TV-DL | 10bit HEVC (Sony Yay Dub)



[576p HQ | Hindi – Tamil – Telugu – Malayalam | WEB SDTV]

Genre: Animation | Comedy | Adventure
Network: Sony Yay
Org. run: TV Series (1986)
Running time: 21min
Language: Tamil – Telugu – Malayalam – Hindi [Org. TV-DL Audio] (2nd Dub)
Subtitle: N/A
Quality: 576p HQ x264 | HEVC 10bit WEB SDTV-DL

Synopsis: The story about robot named Robotan who came from outside the earth, he met with a kid then they become friends but they always stuck with some troubles because of bad people who chase after Robotan however our hero win the fight every time.


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Note: Episodes Arranged According to Original Japanese Release.

Episode 01: Robotan's Splendid Appearance / Robotan Goes to School
Episode 02: Battle for Class Representative Election / Robotan Hypnotised
Episode 03: Part-time Job is Painful / Football Champion Robotan
Episode 04: Candid Photographer Robotan / A Date with Miss Ume?
Episode 05: Banana's Disappeared / Miss Ume Home Visit
Episode 06: Dad's Job Depends on a Bag / Valentine's Day Gift
Episode 07: Losing Weight For Miss Ume / Cursed By Statue
Episode 08: Family's Snowball Fight / Big Panic in Ski Resort
Episode 09: I Hate Marathon / Robotan Loves Kittens
Episode 10: Risking Life in Super Market Sale / I'm a Kind Police Officer
Episode 11: Robotan Invents Submarine / Pro-Wrestler Robotan
Episode 12: Biggest Chef Robotan / Taking a Picture with My Hero
Episode 13: Where is the Secret Treasure? / Fearful Beastmaster
Episode 14: I Want to go to Cram School / My Parents will Come on School Visit
Episode 15: Robotan's TV Appearance / Robotan's Baseball Team
Episode 16: I can't Forgive the Writer / Shape-up Miss Ume
Episode 17: Robotan will give up on Bananas / Disaster Drills are Life-threatening
Episode 18: Becoming Big Brother is Hard / Kan-chan Kidnapping Case
Episode 19: Dr. Robotan Medical Examination Report / Robotan's Wanna Fly
Episode 20: I am Super Robot / I Feel like a Top Model
Episode 21: Robotan's Great Weaknesses / Robotan's Life Lessons
Episode 22: Miss Ume's Matchmaking / Robotan Will Make a Park
Episode 23: Exciting Video Shoot / Let's Win the Lottery
Episode 24: Strong Enemy! Giant Robotan Appears / Robotan Goes to Farm
Episode 25: Best Ninja Robotan / Eh! Is Robotan sick?
Episode 26: Where is Mom's Secret Savings? / Robotan is a Kind Robot
Episode 27: Cute Android Appears / Super Robotan Great Success
Episode 28: Hot as Hell / The House is Sinking
Episode 29: Household Appliances United / Robotan's TV Station
Episode 30: Fireworks Wars / Humans vs Dogs
Episode 31: Defeat the School Destruction Robot / Robotan vs Blood Sucking Mosquito
Episode 32: Robotan's Snowfight / The Target is Robotan
Episode 33: Miss Ume Stuck in Traffic / My Madonna Hates Bananas

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