Authors / Encoders Needed

ToonsInHINDIHD needs some Authors or Encoders to add quality cartoons or anime in HINDI HD.
If you are interested in becoming an author at TIH HD, then you can contact us on our Facebook Page Here: or at our Email:

Here are some guidelines you must follow to become an Encoder at TIH HD:

  1. You should not post download or watch online links of any other Toons' site, just post Google Drive or any other stable links.
  2. You can short your links using URL shortener.
  3. You should not post Episodes or Movies already added by us.
  4. You are not allowed to add Banner ads in any of your posts.
  5. You should not promote or advertise any other website in your post.
Please allow 1-2 days to respond you in case of any delay.


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